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Whatever the message, the idea, the sales pitch or story, if it is not expressed in a manner that is understood, then there is no message, idea, sales pitch or story. SANSONE+ has created all types of pieces for our clients. Whatever the printed piece, we have the skills to make it pop and sizzle, and to make those reading it say, “WOW!”

Press releases are key to getting media coverage. What needs to be said has to be related in a way that makes every word count. The media does not have time to decipher or go through pages of information to “get the story”. Developing the story and have the ability to make it concise, as well as complete, is essential to launch a successful public relations campaign.

Advertising copy must work congruently with the image so that the message is clear. The power is in the written word as well as the visual component. Using the right words can make or break a campaign.

Collateral pieces – from corporate identity to catalogs – are generally the first visual potential customers see. These pieces reflect and identify who and what the company is, and what it has to offer. It is one of the best tools to separate your company from others; and because the pieces are tangible and referred to more than once, it is the details, details, details that will make them work. Or not.

Many companies have materials that they are comfortable with that need a “touch-up”. Having an outside agency edit your existing material can take your writing from good to great!

Ghostwriting is a very specific talent. The process begins with taking someone’s ideas, story, or theory and developing the concept into a written form. The ghostwriter creates the words while maintaining the “author’s” voice. Katherine has successfully done this with Why David Hated Tuesdays and The Broken Cookie Syndrome.