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“Every one has a story and it is up to the publicist to make it heard”

This has been the motto of SANSONE+ for the past 18 years and is what has made us successful in getting media coverage for our clients. We have exceptional contacts and are respected by those in the media. We are tenacious in making sure that they respond and our “pitch” is not ignored. Our on-going efforts and established relationships result in SANSONE+ getting placements in national newspapers, television shows, magazines and syndicated radio as well as in regional and local media.

“PR 101”

  1. Public Relations is not a substitute for advertising. Don’t expect a telephone number in the middle of the text, program, internet or aired spot. (It may happen but it is the exception, not the rule).
  2. An hour interview may still only mean a mention or a small paragraph.
  3. It may take months to get coverage – an interview in February may not be a story (printed or aired) until October.
  4. Public Relations is a slow build, not an instant result-maker.
  5. Public Relations can be, and should be, “more than the moment”.
  6. A publicist gets leads and ideas from the client. Contact through telephone or e-mail is essential so both the agency and the client are “in the loop”. Don’t let the agency be the last to know.
  7. Timeliness is everything. What is happening in the news may influence your business.
  8. Know your goals so the agency can put its efforts into them.
  9. Public Relations should not be your only marketing avenue.
  10. You are the expert in your industry. The Public Relations firm is the expert in theirs. Respect and listen to one another’s expertise.