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Branding is the integration of everything about your company that makes it the company, whether it is a line of products or you, an individual entity. In this ever-expanding world of choices, successful branding is not about a customer seeing you as one choice out of many. It is about positioning the brand, your brand, as the only solution. To do so, one must create an image and use it consistently in a strategic manner that gives immediate identity to the company, service, product or person.

Your brand is how it is perceived by others - what people think about you or the company or the product. The way you manage a brand is to control, as best possible, the perception by conveying it through the word, image, and deed. If you are consistent about it, the results will align with what you intended to communicate.

Though some may think branding is a control or power issue, brands are ultimately good for the consumer, if done correctly and ethically. The way to deal with that issue is to tell the truth about the product. Branding is not a waste of time for the right company and when done correctly. The success or failure is how to approach the brand proactively for the greatest results.

Branding 101

  1. Know if your product, service or company has the potential to be a brand.
  2. Learn the good and bad points about branding and be sure that the purpose is met.
  3. Timing is everything. Before you make a decision to develop “Brand You” be sure that everything is in place.
  4. Take the time to learn the process. A name has to be backed up with action! Do not set yourself up to fail!
  5. There are pitfalls of branding. Be sure to avoid those by understanding the pros and cons.
  6. Can branding end, and if so when do you pull the plug? Having and exit plan is just as important as jumping in!